It was 1997… I had been working for Boyner Group for 13 years. Being a pioneer in everything we do (innovativeness) and making a difference (creativity) in every possible field were two of the dominating values of Boyner Group back then, as well as it is today. Lifelong learning and development of all the employees was critically important so as to be better than the day before and to re-imagine coming days… However, in those days, reference books in Turkey were not satisfactorily available for the future visions.

The first seeds are planted when our senior managers went abroad, visited the bookstores in the countries they went and collected the latest bestseller and the most influential books in the fields of management as well as retailing and personal development in the world and brought these to our office. At first, the most crucial points in these books were translated into Turkish and shared with everybody. Through these guidance and sharing, the answers of the question how to transform from good to be great were discussed. Meanwhile, the Group was growing each day and the number of the employees was increasing. Quotations from the books were not sufficient anymore. It was decided that these books should be translated into Turkish and distributed to the employees as reference books. Everyone who reads these books instantly shared their gratification enthusiastically with their business clientele. Those were the days that business management and aspirational personal development books were just recently beginning to emerge in the Turkish book market.

Upon growing demand, our books were started to be offered for sale primarily only in our group stores, Beymen and former Çarşı Stores (today Boyner). Among the printed books, Greatest Salesman in The World by OG Mandino, Thinking in the Future Tense by Jennifer James and Tongue Fu by Sam Horn had a big and positive impact on the publication sector. Thus, Boyner Publications naturally came on the scene as a boutique publishing house.

From that day onwards Boyner Publications have just been publishing translated aspirational personal development and management books since 18 years and now one of the best alternatives for the enthusiasts of personal development and management books, academicians as well as those who are always searching for the better and would like to have a link with the global business world.

Gulsen Heper

Boyner Publications Coordinator



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